Our new turnaround Album is there:

In The Trees plays In den Bäumen

includes a bookelt with lyrics. All printed on recycle paper.

15,- ex postage/ can be order via:

17.07.2022: Duo Mani, Laurens Delfshaven Rotterdam

08.07.2022: In The Trees: Bruiloft feest Verhalenhuis Belvedere, Rotterdam

27.05.2022: Duo Mani, All you can Art, Pauluskerk Rotterdam

14.05.2022: Duo Mani, Laurens Delfshaven Rotterdam

12.12.2021: In The Trees -Verhalenhuis Belvedere, Rotterdam

06.12.2021:  In The Trees- Pauluskerk Rotterdam

01.12.202: Duo Mani: Pauluskerk Rotterdam

Juli 2021: Album recording In The Trees

05.08.2020: Leeszaal West (solo), Rotterdam

05.07.2020: In the Trees, Radio Programma Archief Rijnmond

25.06.202o: In The Trees, DAP Cultuurwerkplaats Tarwewijk, Rotterdam

8.03.2020: In The Trees, Zondagmiddagconcert de Waershut , Rotterdam

30.11.2019: In The Trees, Huis der Zotheid,  Rotterdam