All these beautiful people from all over the world make it happen:

Ary Slings

vocals in Vol 6


Stefan  Gomez de la Torre

In The Trees /Vol 7

Nina Hitz

Cello in Vol 5

Nuphar Fey

piano in Vol 6

Serge Meeusen

In The Trees/Vol 7

in memory:

Carlos Breton

Bombo in Vol 5

Ioannis Vouklisas

bass in Vol 7

Robin Eggers

In The Trees/Vol 7

Ville Hiltula

Bandoneon in Vol 5

Jacobus Thiele

Percussion in Vol 4

Mareike Ziegler

songs, voice, different instruments

Anne Dau

Trombone in Vol 4

Alon Treitel

Bansuri in "Winter"

For Alons beautiful handmade Bansuri-flutes go to: