In the Werkstatt/ Studio, you find different projects, that aim to share music with all kinds of people. There are various collaborations with elderly homes and community projects, offering them performances, workshops and teaching.

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Cello & zang: Nina Hitz

Accordeon & zang: Mareike Ziegler

"Cello & accordeon op wereldreis"

dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door:

Accordion music

Mareike Ziegler: voice & accordion

The repertoire includes French Chansons, Cabo Verdian Songs, Greek Songs, Evergreens, Old Dutch songs, Christmas Songs, Classical music and more...

Romantic Music

Juliane Birkenholz: piano

Mareike Ziegler: violin

The repertoire includes Classical Music, Gipsy Romances and Argentine Tangos.

Lessons in violin & guitar

with Mareike Ziegler


You are much welcome for a lesson in my current workplace in Rotterdam Centrum.

Beginners: Violin & Guitar

Advanced: Violin